The demands placed on people in organisations in terms of productivity, service levels and quality have never been so great. Due to technological advances, changing lifestyles and increasing expectations, stress, which has been with us since time began, is now becoming a negative rather than a positive phenomenon.

Anyone who feels under stress and who needs to learn how to understand and manage their stress

On completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Define stress
  • Outline factors which cause stress
  • Recognise the signs and effects of stress
  • Understand their role in managing stress
  • Devise strategies for managing stress

What is Stress?

  • Stress versus Pressure
  • Stress in the Workplace and the Legal Implications
  • Costs and Benefits of Stress
  • Signs and Effects of Stress

The Causes and Influencers of Stress

  • Stress and Personal Life
  • Stress and the Workplace
  • Influence of People and Control
  • Influence of Personality, Beliefs and Perception

Role and Responsibilities of Managers/Team Leaders

  • Self Awareness
  • Organisational Culture and Attitudes
  • Helping Others who are under Stress

Stress Prevention or Reduction

  • Stress Management Policy and Procedures
  • Introduction to Stress Management Strategies

Recommended 1-day course for up to 12 delegates

This course can be delivered:

  • to meet individual company requirements
  • within company premises
  • specifically to a group or team of staff
  • one to one for senior executives