The training courses on sales and marketing are listed below. We also offer customised courses that can be built in line with your specific needs.

Providing excellent customer service

Icon: Customer Service by Martha Ormiston Key staff must exhibit the characteristics that you want your company to represent; efficient, friendly, organised and customer focussed. Business can be won or lost by the experiences your customers have when dealing with your front-line staff. Read more about providing excellent customer service.

Improving the value of your product or service for your customer

Icon: Gift by Stefan Parnarov from The Noun ProjectOngoing improvement of the proposition you offer to your market place helps to sustain business success. Understanding what your customers perceive as “adding value” can help you maintain and enhance your competitive edge. Read more about improving the value of your product or service for your customer.

How to do effective market research

Icon: Research by Doug Cavendish from The Noun ProjectUnderstanding your market is an essential part of the sales process. This course will give delegates an understanding of the principles of market research and provide them with the skills and tools to carry out successful research. Read more about how to do effective market research.

Marketing your business

Icon: Campaign by Paul Souders from The Noun ProjectMarketing your business successfully is key to ensuring long term sustainability. This course aims to assist delegates in understanding the principles of successful marketing and provide them with the skills and tools to analyse the market and to respond to changing market conditions. Read more about marketing your business.

Negotiating skills

Icon: Handshake by George Pechtol from The Noun ProjectThe ability to negotiate effectively is vital for many aspects of business.  Successful negotiators seek a win/win outcome and can bring about satisfactory long-term solutions, agreements and build good relationships. Read more about negotiating skills.

Successful sales skills

Icon: Chart by Michael Thompson from The Noun ProjectSelling is the life blood of business. This course provides delegates with a structured approach to the sales process and highlights the attitudes, skills, knowledge and behaviours required for successful selling. Read more about successful sales skills.