The training courses on personal effectiveness are listed below. We also offer customised courses that can be built in line with your specific needs.

Achieving your dream

Icon: Head In The Clouds by Luis Prado from The Noun Project All of us have dreams and aspirations, but how many dreams become reality? The workshop will help you to learn some practical steps to help you convert your dreams into reality. Read more about achieving your dream.

Being a team player

Icon: Hand by Stephen Borengasser from The Noun ProjectTeam based working is an integral part of today’s organisations. Being able to work well within a team requires a range of essential skills such as the ability to influence others, participation, and collaboration. These skills, combined with a willingness to develop the team, are the hallmarks of an effective team player. Read more about being a team player.

Marketing yourself for a new role

Icon: Empower by Jerry Wang from The Noun ProjectChanging your role may seem to many a daunting task. Being able to identify your interests and skills, evaluate job opportunities and present yourself well to potential employers will enhance your chances of securing that challenging and satisfying position. Read more about marketing yourself for a new role.

Developing personal and interpersonal skills

skillsThis course aims to provide the personal and interpersonal skills required to help you communicate and work more effectively and confidently both in and outwith the workplace. Read more about developing personal and interpersonal skills.

Stress management

Icon: Tightrope by Luis Prado from The Noun ProjectThe demands placed on people in organisations in terms of productivity, service levels and quality have never been so great. Due to technological advances, changing lifestyles and increasing expectations, stress, which has been with us since time began, is now becoming a negative rather than a positive phenomenon. Read more about stress management.

Time management

timemgtAs working environments grow ever more hectic and demanding, the majority of the workforce faces increased workloads and competing priorities. Forward thinking organisations are recognising the need to manage valuable time more wisely through constructive planning and prioritising both in order to maximise the value of your output and minimize the stress that has become a daily part of working life. Read more about time management.