The training courses on managing others is listed below. We also offer customised courses that can be built in line with your specific needs.

Coaching to develop your team

Icon: Team by Stephen Borengasser from The Noun ProjectHow can you turn a satisfactory team performance into superior performance? With the introduction of flatter structures, self-managing teams and empowerment, improving individual performance is paramount for organisational success. Managers now need to unlock the potential of their staff through identifying and acting upon coaching opportunities. Read more about coaching to develop your team.

Managing and transforming challenging behaviour

Argument by Michael Thompson from The Noun Project
Do you have to put up with challenging or difficult behaviour on a regular basis? If so, it’s time to learn how to deal with it. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution which controls challenging behaviour, it is therefore essential that every person confronted with this type of behaviour understands why it happens and is able to devise strategies for managing it. Read more about managing and transforming challenging behaviour.

How to create and lead effective teams

Icon: Volunteer by deadtype from The Noun ProjectTeams are a major feature of life and the foundational building block of most organisations. In order for organisations to be highly productive and function effectively, it is essential that we create and lead effective teams. read more about how to create and lead effective teams.

21st century leadership

Icon: Network by Mister Pixel from The Noun ProjectUnderstanding leadership and how to lead a team is an essential tool for any manager. It will result in improved performance for the leader and the team. It will also add more clarity to strategic direction and bring better organisational results.Awareness of the dynamics of leadership and the factors influencing the style of leadership which is appropriate will help you improve your ability to lead a team. Read more about 21st century leadership.

Principles of people management

icon_27467Managing people properly is the most crucial aspect of being a manager. It will result in improved performance for the manager and the team and bring better results to your organisation. The challenge, however, is in being a good manager. A manager may perform well in their own core responsibilities but that does not automatically mean that they will be good at people management. Read more about the principles of people management.

Motivating your team

Icon: Speech by Athena Manolopoulos from The Noun ProjectMotivation underpins effective management and understanding the dynamics of motivating staff is essential for any manager. A highly motivated team is a powerful tool in any organisation because motivated people are far more likely to achieve personal and organisational goals and make a positive contribution to the effectiveness of the organisation. Read more about motivating your team.

Performance management and appraisals

appraisalsThis course aims to assist delegates in understanding the principles of performance management and the techniques used in carrying out an effective appraisal interview. Read more about performance management and appraisals.

Train the trainer

trainerThe course aims to assist delegates in understanding the principles of training and provide them with the tools to fulfil the role of a trainer. To achieve this, a blend of informal lecture, group discussion and practical exercises are incorporated into the course. Read more about training the trainer.

Recruitment and interviewing skills

interviewingGood recruitment and selection is essential for the ongoing success of any organisation. People are a key resource and it is essential that you have an effective and good recruitment and selection process. You need to adopt recruitment and selection processes that select people who will perform well in a particular role and not just in the interview. Read more about recruitment and interviewing skills.