The training courses on communication skills are listed below. We also offer customised courses that can be built in line with your specific needs.

Icon: Telephone by Wilson Joseph from The Noun ProjectPractical Telephone Skills

In today’s world the phone is an essential tool. You can buy, sell, research new markets, provide quality customer service and make lasting impressions using the telephone. Read more about practical telephone skills.

Icon: Document by Rob Gill from The Noun ProjectWriting professional reports

Communicating effectively through the written word is an essential skill at all levels in business. This course covers the principles of professional report writing. Read more about writing professional reports.

presentationsEffective business presentations

Good communication is extremely important and a very important factor in your tool bag for interacting with people. Although there are many ways to communicate, one method that gives a great opportunity to make a powerful impact is the presentation. Read more about effective business presentations.

Icon: Check List by Luboš VolkovRunning effective meetings

Running effective meetings is essential to ensure clarity in decision making, collective buy in, good time management and clear lines of communication. This course covers the principles of running effective meetings. Read more about running effective meetings.