Team based working is an integral part of today’s organisations. Being able to work well within a team requires a range of essential skills such as the ability to influence others, participation, and collaboration. These skills, combined with a willingness to develop the team, are the hallmarks of an effective team player.

People who are involved in working within a team

On completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Define the factors which influence effective team working
  • Understand key factors required for team excellence
  • Identify team roles and their personal preferences
  • Demonstrate and develop team building skills

Team Dynamics

  • Teams versus groups
  • Importance of teams in the workplace
  • Main elements of team working

Influencing Others

  • Recognize the importance of being able to influence others.
  • Choose the strategies used in persuasion.
  • Identify the methods of effective communication.
  • Apply the appropriate strategies for eliminating or controlling conflict.

Participation and Collaboration

  • Positive inter-team working
  • Recognize the value of rapport and identify how to build rapport
  • Creating shared goals and deliverables
  • Identify the qualities that develop team synergy.
  • Recognizing your role in the team

Team Effectiveness

  • Appreciation of different types of people
  • Problem solving
  • Choose the methods for coaching and counseling team mates
  • Supportive behaviour

Recommended 1 day course for up to 12 delegates

  • to meet individual company requirements
  • within company premises
  • specifically to a group or team of staff
  • one to one for senior executives